Fair and Fabulous: Nail Shades That Flatter Pale Skin Tones

October 09, 2023 7 min read

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Matching the color of your nails to your personality, mood, or outfit is pretty intuitive. We all do it, and no wonder we do – often, it’s what makes us really stand out from the crowd, feel our most confident, and showcase our best side.

Although the kingdom of color is open for anybody to explore with as much freedom as one desires, you may be interested to know you can match the color of your nails to your skin undertone. 

Doing so will give your nails a really nice pop while also introducing some harmony to your presentation. After all, a good manicure should fit us, not the other way around. 

Let’s uncover the best nail colors for pale skin and how you can know which colors suit you just right! 

Understanding Your Skin Undertone

Talking about the best nail color for pale skin is easy. But, before you rush to pick your favorites from the ella+mila nail polish collection, you first need to determine your skin undertone.  

Why is that important?

Well, the term “fair skin” is a broad umbrella for all people with pale skin color. It’s the undertones in the skin that really determine which colors of the rainbow look good on you. That knowledge can help you match your make-up, clothes, jewelry, and, yes, nail colors to your natural complexion, which is immensely helpful if you’re all about creating a cohesive and harmonious image for yourself.

If you want to learn about what skin undertone you have and how to identify it, hop on to the end of this article. You’ll find some useful information there. 

Meanwhile, let’s discover all the colors of beautiful manicures and pedicures for those of us with fair skin! 

Here are our picks of the best nail colors for pale skin! 

Nail Colors for Cool-Toned Pale Skin

Classic pale pinks and soft mauves

You can’t go wrong with pink or purple on your nails. And, lucky for you, when you have cool tones in your skin, you can pick and choose from a wide range of soft, pale pinks and more vibrant yet classic mauves. 

Just look at ella+mila’s hit – Rosy Cheeks, a true manifestation of delicate and fresh feminine energy. You may also be inclined to go a little darker and bolder with our Staycation Vacation, a polish with beautiful cool undertones and a boost of energy for all your staycation pleasures! 


Icy blues and turquoise

Of course, cool-toned people will love all the shades of blue (and this feeling is mutual). But particularly light blues will make your manicure truly eye-catching. We’re especially fond of My Rain‐Beau, a delicate, fresh blue that would look fantastic on the nails of any snow queen or king. 

And if you’re leaning more towards greenish colors, try the Plead the Fifth. Muted turquoise is definitely something you need more of in your life! 

Subtle lavender and cool gray tones

We talked about purples already, but it’s not our fault that this color, next to lavender and lilac, truly complements cool undertones in the skin. You don’t believe us? We’re certain Lilac Luster will prove our point. 

For all the gray lovers out there, we’re sending you straight to Mauve Over, the darker, dominant, and elegant color in our collection. 

pink nails

Nail Colors for Warm-Toned Pale Skin

Peachy and coral hues

Okay, so what about those of us who have pale skin with a lot of warmth in it? Easy. Your kingdom to rule over is basking in all the shades of peachy and coral hues.

A Proposal could be a terrific choice for you, with its subtle, graceful, and youthful energy. Something bolder and even more energetic can be found in our Pinktini – beautiful coral that will be perfect for brunch with friends, baby shower of your sister, or summer vacation near the beach! 

Rich terracotta and burnt orange shades

Want to go even darker and bolder? No problem! Shades of rich, intense terracotta and orange will work amazingly with your complexion and offer you a good outlet to express yourself to the fullest. 

If that’s grabbing your attention, we recommend one of our absolute favorites – Sunset Escape, a color of every sun-soaked Tuscanian afternoon. And if you really want to put your leg on a gas pedal and be your boldest self, then 'Cause I'm Happy will do the trick for sure! 


Earthy tones like warm browns and deep reds

If more mature, classy colors are speaking to your heart, you have nothing to worry about. Warm-toned people can find plenty of options for themselves amongst deep, confident browns and warm, captivating reds.

We present you with richness and shimmer that is hard to ignore, all bottled in our bestseller – Lip Stain. This color is a head-turner, and that’s why we love it so much. On the other hand, we have No Place Like Home, which is shimmery ruby red, for times when you feel extra special. 

Nail Colors for Neutral-Toned Pale Skin

Soft pastels like light mint and baby blue

What suits those with neutral undertones in your skin? Well, the good news is that you have lots of options! Neutral-toned skin can be complemented with colors leaning both toward cool and warm tones, but if you’re not sure which of these options would be better for you, we recommend starting with something simple yet very flattering – soft pastels.

Ibiza Breeze is a true ice cream fantasy brought to life to decorate your nails, while My Pool Party is all about celebrating the classic baby blue, a color that is incredibly pretty and goes so well with so many different styles and outfits. Truly delicious!  

Elegant nude shades with hints of pink or beige

You can also take a more toned-down route and choose a color that is truly versatile and ageless at the same time. Nudes are all about subtlety, and they can be phenomenal on someone with neutral undertones. 

Take a look at our Cup O'Latte, a stunning, neutral beige that will go so great with any cup of coffee in your hand. If you’d like to incorporate more pink into your manicure, look no further than Luminous, a shimmering, soft pink that is very light and airy. Perfection!

Deep plum and pomegranate

While delicate manicures and pedicures have their place and time, it’s not always what we want to go for. In these moments, when you’re feeling really confident and expressive, reach for something that represents your state of mind – deep, autumny plum and pomegranate.

Heartbreaker can steal your attention and heart with its captivating, warm purple notes. It’s definitely a choice for those who are not afraid of standing their ground. 

Those who adore reds in all their shapes and forms will also fall in love with ella+milla’s Unwrap Me, an energetic, classic red that goes great with a simple pair of jeans and a cocktail dress. Truly versatile, always unforgettable. 

What Skin Undertone Do I Have? 

There are three main fair skin undertones:

  • cool-toned
  • warm-toned 
  • and neutral-toned

  • How do you know which one you are? 

    There are some discerning characteristics these undertones have. Let’s go briefly through some of them.

    Cool-toned Skin

    If you have cool-toned skin, you may recognize it by the fact that:

    • Your natural hair color is usually on the cooler side, with ash blonde, cool brown, or black being the most predominant.
    • Your veins may appear bluish under your skin.
    • Your eye color is also rather cool, with blue, green, gray, and cool-toned hazel being the common cases.
    • Your skin may be much more prone to sunburns, and you may experience difficulties in obtaining a tan. 
    • Silver looks very flattering on you; gold jewelry, however, does not complement your skin as much.
    • You feel and look amazing in colors with cool undertones. Meaning you stay closer to blues, purples, and cold reds.  

    Warm-toned Skin

    In turn, if you are a lucky owner of warm-toned skin, you will know this because:

    • Your natural hair has a lot of warm reflections, with gold, warm browns, and red undertones present.  
    • It’s likely that your veins will appear greenish under your skin.
    • Your eye color is likely warm, with a strong presence of hazel, brown, and warm green undertones. 
    • You tan easily and are more resilient to sunburns.
    • You look your best in gold jewelry. 
    •  Your wardrobe is made out of clothes kept in warmer, earthy tones. You look amazing in warm reds, oranges, and browns.  

    Neutral-toned Skin

    Neutral-toned skin might be the hardest to identify. As the name itself suggests, it’s somewhere in the middle between warm and cool tones. Things that may make it easier for you to recognize that you have a neutral skin tone are:

    • Your natural hair color is likely neutral, with an admixture of warm and cool undertones. 
    • Your veins will look like a mixture of green and blue, not leaning hard toward any end of the spectrum. 
    • You can have both cool and warm undertones in your eye color.
    • You tan relatively easily, but you still may be prone to sunburns. 
    • Both gold and silver jewelry will look exceptional on you.
    • Both warm and cool tones look great on you, and you can find a suitable wide range of color palettes, going from pastels to more neutral tones, like olive. 

    Which one are you? Well, that might be a little challenging to learn at first, but there are a couple of methods that can prove to be useful in finding the truth. The easiest one would be to examine the color of your veins. If you’re leaning heavily towards greenish color, it’s likely that you’re neutral or warm-toned. Blueish color means you have a lot of cool tones in your skin.

    You can also see which type of jewelry – gold or silver, suits you the best. While this might be relatively subjective, try to approach this test with an open mind and see whether golden tones complement you better than silver ones and vice versa. 

    You can also conduct the white paper test. Take a sheet of white paper and find a place in your home where the light is neutral (daylight is the best for this test). Hold the paper near your face and compare your skin to its color. 

    If your skin is very vibrant, leaning towards yellowish and golden complexions, it’s likely a sign you have warm undertones. 

    However, if there isn’t a very drastic contrast between the color of your skin and the white sheet, if it seems like you match it pretty well, this means you are cool-toned.

    If the results of your test seem inconclusive, it’s likely because you’re neutral-toned. 


    Colorful Frenzy for Every Skin Undertone – Final Thoughts 

    As you can see, the fairest of us have lots of choices when it comes to nail polish colors. No matter what your skin undertone is, you can find a ray of shades that will compliment your skin, temperament, mood, style, and occasion.

    If you’re hungry for more fair skin nail colors for pale skin, check out the ella+mila collection of nail polishes! If you haven’t found something that caught your eye in this article, we’re sure our fantastic collection has something for you! 

    See you next time!