Yes, we are!

We recommend using a top and base coat. A Base coat will provide the adhesive purpose for a longer last manicure and the top coat will seal the manicure, providing a nicer finish.

Which do I apply first? Yes. Apply a thin coat of First Aid Kiss, allow to fully dry then apply a thin coat of No More Biting.

If First Aid Kiss chips before the day our instructions state to remove and reapply, you can touch up the product on your nails. 

No, our only nail biting treatment is called No More Biting.

No, only our nail strengtheners - First Aid Kiss, Damage Control, or Firm Foundation.

No More Biting is safe for ages 1 and older.

Neon colors require a chemical we do not use so our neon colors are more watery when applied alone. We recommend applying a thin white coat as a base in order to achieve a neon glow like the manicure images.

Our polishes are tested to last 10-14 days, however, there are many factors that can result in polish to chip fast. Your lifestyle and the application of your manicure play a key role. 

We recommend buffing/filing the nails, making sure the nail beds are completely clean from oils or dust residue, apply a top and base coat, apply thin coats and allow each layer to fully dry before applying another.

If you apply too many layers or even thicker layers, polish can peel or chip a lot easier. We recommend applying thin coats and allowing each layer to fully dry before adding another. 

1: Ready Set Prep 

2: All About the Base 

3: Color of your choice 

4: In a Rush OR Matte-ly In Love (depending on the manicure finish you prefer) 

5: Gotta Jet 

6: Oil Me Up

We recommend using First Aid Kiss on its own for the first 4 week cycle but if you need to apply color, please continue the treatment as instructed and please note that since it is not an actual base coat, your manicure just may not last as long.

Yes, you can apply a thin coat of No More Biting over your manicure. 

Comparing First Aid Kiss / Damage Control / Firm Foundation

Strengthen weak, brittle, splitting nails.

No, wouldn’t really change the result. Start with one.

You can BUT the only treatment that has a true adhesive ingredient is {firm foundation}. This treatment will help your mani to last longer. 

Million $ question! 🤣 All 3 are formulated differently but all have the same result. These treatments are made to strengthen, improve and heal your damaged nails. Whether it’s splitting, breaking, thinning or peeling... these treatments will help you. The best analogy is, which is better (Tylenol, Motrin or Advil)? They are all pain relievers BUT formulated differently, depends which one agrees with your body chemistry.

No! Each treatment has its own instructions. You must follow it carefully to see results. Just like any “medicine,” to see the best results, you must finish it.

Absolutely! No harm in continuing.

If you’d like, sure. We aren’t medical professionals so we can’t say if you are deficient in any areas BUT this might be something that you want to talk to your medical professional about. Sometimes, if you have weak nails and etc it may be from a deeper issue.

Yes! Use the treatment on bare nails and use the {no more biting} on top. This should be the last thing applied.


You must complete the treatment cycle. Some people see results after they complete the cycle and some continue the treatment after the 4 week treatment and see amazing results.

For the first two weeks, you apply first aid kiss once a week. Once on the first day, remove it on the 7th day and repeat. Week three and four, you apply it every other day. So, if you apply it on Monday, you would remove it and reapply on Wednesday.


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