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ella+mila's Ombre Collection Sets Let You DIY A 7-Free Rainbow Manicure At Home

April 16, 2020 1 min read

ella+mila's Ombre Collection Sets Let You DIY A 7-Free Rainbow Manicure At Home

There's one perk to visiting a nail salon nobody talks about. Sure, it's definitely nice to have a trained professional complete your manicure for you — no one could ever argue with that. Throw in a hand massage and warm towels? Sold. But the best benefit is the simplest, too: You can ask your manicurist to pick out all of your nail colors for you. Though, when that's not an option, you can always just pick up one of ella+mila's Ombré Collection sets.

Released online Mar. 7 — in celebration of Narineh Bedrossian's birthday, ella+mila's founder — the four Ombré sets include five 7-free nail colors per box and retail at $50 apiece. Even better, ella+mila threw in a bottle of its Nail Care What the Gel? top coat, which regularly goes for $10.50 all on its own. "Narineh with the help of the uber talented @nailsjustnailss have put together these jaw-dropping sets to make your manis and pedis stand out like your beautiful personalities," the brand shared on an Instagram post announcing the new nail line.

Although each set is a deal, beauty fans will undoubtedly love that they also offer a chance to jump on the rainbow manicure trend (sans drawn-out thought process). There is an Ombré Collection for every mood; the first one, Ombré Collection A, features all soft pinks and blush tones. Ombré Collection B, while similar, kicks in a bit of heat — adding the punchy bubblegum shade "Sweet Tooth" into its pink mix....

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