Every Pedicure Color You Should Try in 2022

February 09, 2022 1 min read

Every Pedicure Color You Should Try in 2022

While you may associate pedicures with strappy sandals and warm weather, proper foot care should be a part of your year-round beauty ritual. And since you're already down there, may as well experiment with a few cute polish colors. Yes, you heard us right: Just because your toes may be concealed in the winter, doesn't mean you need to wait until it heats up to experiment with creative hues.

"The good thing about pedicures is that they're not as noticeable as your manicures, so you can take color risks," says Rita Remark, Essie's global lead educator and nail artist. 

"People typically don't look at their feet often enough, but whenever they do, the color should bring them some sort of joy," adds Riyah Martin, editorial nail artist and color mixologist at ORLY Color Labs. 

So look away from dark, vampy hues and consider checking out some of the hottest pedicure colors of 2022, including bright, bold reds, pastels, and blues. To help get you started, the two nail artists share their favorite must-try pedicure colors for 2022.