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Hair Care, Perfume and Nailpolish – The Best Products I Discovered at Cosmoprof LV, Part 1

Finally. It’s taken me a minute to get into the products I got to check out at Cosmoprof LV, but now I’m ready to break it all the way down for you. I sat in the BeautE Zone part of Cosmoprof, which meant meeting a ton of brand owners and new entrepreneurs who were looking for feedback and a positive reception for their products. This is what it was like (Marc Bierbaum of Beauty Store Business captured a few moments with me and the creator of 5-Free nailpolish brand Ella + Mila as she introduces me to her soy nail polish remover).

Hands of color

Brand: Ella + Mila

Breakdown: Named for the creator’s daughters, this 5-Free, cruelty free, vegan nailpolish brand has some hot colors in their line – sultry blues and glitters await you! Their logo is an adorable elephant, because elephants symbolize love and family.

Must-Try Product: I’m feeling the blues with their Bags are Packed nail polish and Oil Me Up cuticle oil. And their Samba collection is beautiful, bright and FUN!

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