The Best Nail Polish Colors to Try This Fall

October 11, 2019 2 min read

The Best Nail Polish Colors to Try This Fall

Come fall, you won't only find us switching out our sandals for socks and boots, our light jackets for actual coats, and our skin routines. Besides the typical switches to stay warm and moisturized, we're also very keen on the little things. Enter: Nail polish. Of course, with all the latest nail trends, we're always seeing how we can complement our outfits with our nail polishes or designs of choice. From salon gel manicures to DIY gel manis the options are literally endless.

However, as our wardrobe leans towards neutral colors, lots of plaid and sparkle for the holidays, and the occasional Canadian tux, because why not, it's only natural to approach our nail polish choices with these quintessential fall outfits in mind. That's why we reached out to the founder of J.Hannah, Jess Hannah Révész, a downtown LA-based jewelry brand that also happens to have an eye for great shades of nail polish that has the seal of approval of all fashion girls. With the onset of all things sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes Révész gave us some insight into which fall nail polishes will be trending this year. Not only will these shades look great with your updated arm candy, but with all your fall outfits.

Spring and summer were all about the rainbow nail trend and now [fall nail polishes] are down to earth, according to Révész. "But that doesn't mean we need to relinquish ourselves to the typical autumn leaf palette. [This fall] we're looking forward to shades with the golden sidelight of shortening days; infusions of savory ochre and gold [that] will lend classic browns and beiges some new vitality." Take J.Hannah's latest shade, Fauna, which was designed as transitional shade, for example.

Now, if you've pulled out all your head-to-toe black looks, your vintage-inspired corduroy looks that would make Harry Styles proud, and of course your bedazzled party ensembles, from the dark depths of your closet, here's which fall nail polishes will finish off your look with passing grades.

Picasso Blue

Last but not least, our favorite fall fit: A Canadian tux. For this double-duty situation, when it comes to your nails, Révész is all about consistency. That's why she suggests keeping it cool with blue-hued nail polishes.