Polish Up Your Party with Colorful Tips and Tricks from ella+mila

March 03, 2014 2 min read

Polish Up Your Party with Colorful Tips and Tricks from ella+mila

There are very few things in life a splash of color and the right polish can’t fix! Add flavor and fun to your next event by polishing up your party with ella+mila. From creative décor to party favors and interactive nail stations, the possibilities are endless when it comes to making your next celebration an ella+mila event! Beyond being polish professionals, our team knows a thing or two about hosting a good party. We’ve put together a list of ways you can add some color to your next occasion whether it’s a shower, birthday party, or a celebration for absolutely no reason at all!

Deck Out Your Décor with Your Favorite Shades- If you’re known for your polish obsession and commitment to non-negotiable weekly manicures, then you should make your next event a polish party that will incorporate a few of your favorite things! Create centerpieces by displaying ella+mila shades amidst your floral arrangements. Have your polish be the focal point and set a few of your favorite bottles within flowers like dreamy Hydrangeas or puffs of Baby’s Breath.  Colors like “So In Love” and “Rosy Cheeks” are the perfect shades for a baby shower or a polish birthday party for your little princess!  Opt for a combination of pretty pastels like “Sunkissed,” “I Mint It,” and “Lavender Fields,” for a romantic bridal shower palette.

Polish party with Ella+MIla

Dress Up Your Dessert Table-

Introduce your sugary treats to sweet ella+mila colors and the relationship is sure to flourish! Place your favorite polish on cake stands and dessert trays amidst macaroons, cupcakes, cake pops, and colorful candy for a one-of-a-kind sweets station that is sure to be a hit!

Polish party with Ella+Mila_2

Give Away Polish Party Favors for Guaranteed Happy Guests-

Giving ella+mila polish as a party favor is the ultimate win-win situation. Not only will your favor display look absolutely fabulous, but your guests will also love having gorgeous new shades of polish to try when they get home! Use mini mason jars and rustic ribbon or rope to create an oh-so-cute party favor that will let the color of the polish stand out. Simple gift bags or boxes with fun fillers are also a great way to give away ella+mila goodies.

Mason JarGift Bag with Ella+Mila polishes 

Pamper Your Guests with a Polish Station-

Whether your guests are mini manicure lovers or mommies who deserve a bit of pampering, you will definitely be the hostess of the year with an ella+mila polish station! With a few manicurists, small tables, and comfortable chairs, your polish stations will be good to go! Create an elaborate display of polish choices with ella+mila colors and a framed list of your personal favorites. Add a few simple flower arrangements to bring even more romance to your display.      

No matter what the theme of your party is, adding ella+mila to your soiree will make sure it’s the talk of the town!

Polish with Love,