Think Pink: Ella+Mila’s Top Five Shades of Pink Will Have You Blushing

June 23, 2015 2 min read

Think Pink: Ella+Mila’s Top Five Shades of Pink Will Have You Blushing

There’s nothing quite like a perfectly pink polish. From a soft and neutral pink to a vibrant hot pink, every girl can attest that rose-colored fingertips are always fashion forward! At Ella+Mila, we’re all about pink! Our collection of five-free polishes includes many blushing shades for you to choose from. Adding just the right amount of femininity and flirtation to your look with your favorite pink polish has the power to dress up any outfit and put a little pep in every step. When the days get warmer, polish seems to get “pinker.” Since our many shades of pink are some of the most popular polishes in the Ella+Mila collection, we’re bringing you our top five shades of pink with a little about why we love them! 


My Fantasy

"I fantasize about pretty nails all day!"

The only thing more lovely and feminine than the color pink is a little shimmer!  My Fantasy from our Dream Collection is a flawlessly lustrous polish that offers just the right amount of sparkle to any look. The soft hue makes this polish subtle enough to be your daily go-to color, while the pearly element sparkles enough to make a statement.


So In Love

"There are only a few things I'm so in love with…this color being one of them."

With So in Love, it was definitely love at first sight. This gorgeous shade of pink is a favorite amongst Ella+Mila fans and followers. We’re sure you’ll be ordering your second bottle before you’re even halfway done with the first. Your search for the ideal shade of pink is officially over. Be prepared to fall in love with this popular polish that’s made its way into the Ella+Mila hall of fame.

Rosy Cheeks

"This color has us blushing."

This stunning shade of pink is on the darker side of the pink spectrum, and will have you blushing the moment you dress your fingertips in this polish. For days when you’re looking to switch up your usual neutral shades with something a little deeper, Rosy Cheeks is the perfect pick! 


Sun Has Set

"The sun has set, but my nails have just awoken!"

Last but certainly not least in our top five shades of pink is Sun Has Set. This extremely popular shade from our Samba Collection has summer written all over it. For those looking to make a statement, you can spread a little sunshine all year long with this vibrant polish! This fun shade is like a party in a bottle. You might experience random bursts of energy and a lot of zest with this color. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

These five favorites are only a selection of the many shades of pink we offer! Do you have a favorite we didn’t mention? Let us know! We’d love to hear all about which Ella+Mila shade of pink is making you blush.

Polish with Love,