Best Nail Color to Try Out If You Have Tan Skin

February 06, 2024 5 min read

Best Nail Color to Try Out If You Have Tan Skin

Choosing THE perfect nail color is one of the best parts of painting your nails - there are just so many available that the possibilities are endless. Still, it’s no surprise that there are some nail polish shades that will look better with certain skin tones. For example, subtle lavender shades will look gorgeous on cool-toned pale skin, while rich emerald green or cobalt blue would make a stunning choice for darker skin. 

What about tan skin, however? That’s what we’ll be talking about today, so if you’re curious about the best nail colors for tan skin, keep on reading! 

Neutral Tones 

There are few colors that can pass the test of time, and nude tones are definitely within them. A timeless classic, nude shades will complement this skin shade beautifully and make your hands look elegant and delicate. 

Our recommendation: For neutral tones enthusiasts with tan skin, stunning light beiges, like our very ownSandy Toes, or deeper caramel hues likeA La Nude are definitely worth considering. 

Earthy Tones 

Choosing earthy hues for your nail color can add a touch of warmth and sophistication not only to your manicure but to your overall appearance. Whether you want to go for a more terracotta shade that will enhance the golden undertones of your skin or one of the rustic shades that will be a perfect choice if you want to give off a cozy and inviting vibe, you cannot go wrong with earthy tones. 

Our recommendation:If you’re an earthy tone lover, thenSunset Escape,Bon Voyage orYacht Club are definitely worth taking a look at. 

Coral and Peach Shades 

If you’re looking for a compromise between vibrant but not too crazy, then peach and coral tones might be the best nail color for tan skin for you. They’re an especially great choice for winter and autumn, as they bring a pop of color to your winter looks, which, more often than not, tend to be more neutral. Another thing is that they are rather versatile, making them a good choice for almost any outfit. 

Our recommendation:For a more peachy vibe, we would recommend checking outA Proposal. Coral shade lovers, on the other hand, might want to take a look atCoral Crush orMango Pop

Lavender and Pastels  

We already mentioned how lavender looks beautiful with cool-toned fair skin - however, it also complements cool tan skin well. The same goes for other pastel colors, as they provide a lovely contrast between the tan skin and the nails, making them stand out and preventing them from blending too much with the skin tone. 

Our recommendation:If you love lavender, thenLavender Fields will be the perfect choice for you. As for other pastels, some we definitely recommend taking a look at includePistache (a gorgeous pastel green),Eye Candy (very light pastel purple) orSo In Love (a stunning soft pastel pink). 

Jewel Tones

If you want to add a touch of luxury to your manicure that will still greatly complement your skin tone, then jewel tones are the way to go. 

Emerald green gives off an aura of opulence and sophistication, while sapphire blue brings a sense of depth and allure to your nails. An amethyst shade will enhance the warm tones of tan skin, giving your nails a glamorous and refined look, while garnet reds will add intensity to your manicure. Not to mention that red nails are a timeless classic, regardless of which hue you choose to go with. 

Our recommendation:Emerald Memories andNaught Not Nice should be on every jewel tones’ lover list.  

Cool Blues and Greens 

Finally, we have cool toned blues and greens, which are a perfect choice for anyone looking to create a contrast between your skin tone and nails without going too crazy. Colors like deep turquoise can create a unique look that will be sure to make people compliment your nails after seeing them. 

Our recommendation:Under the Sea will be a good choice for turquoise lovers who also wouldn’t mind a bit of shimmer, while green enthusiasts might appreciate the neutralness ofParadise Isle

How to Choose the Right Nail Color for Tan Skin

We gave you some options, but how can you know which is “the one” nail polish color? Well, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. 

First of all, we have the undertones of your skin. Tan skin can be warm-toned, neutral-toned and cool-toned, and understanding which undertone you have can help you narrow down the nail polish color selection. 

Now don’t get us wrong. Of course, it doesn’t mean that if you have cool undertones, you can’t wear a nail polish color suited for warm undertones - you absolutely can. However, just keep in mind that the shade might appear slightly different on your nails even if you use the exact same polish as the warm-toned tan-skinned person. 

So, which shades suit which undertones best? If you have: 

  • Warm undertones- Warm-toned skin tones will most benefit from earthy tones, as well as warm jewel tones, such as ruby red or amber. 
  • Neutral undertones- For neutral-toned skin tones, the best choices would be neutrals and nudes. Pearlescent shades will also look gorgeous. 
  • Cool undertones - For cool undertones, you might want to consider painting your nails a cool pastel, like mint green or a cool jewel tone, such as amethyst purple. 

If you found your undertone, but still aren’t sure about which color to go with, there are some additional things to take into account. 

Consider things like: 

  • The season - Warm and pastel tones tend to be more popular during spring and summer, while cool and earthy tones tend to be more frequently chosen during winter and autumn. 
  • Your personality- Some people are so vibrant (in a good sense of course), that neutral tones won’t suit them at all. 
  • Your personal style and outfit- Are there any colors you wear the most? Or maybe you have a specific outfit planned and want to match the nails to it? Answering these questions can help you narrow down the options. If you aren’t sure, neutrals and nudes are always a good choice.

The Bottom Line 

There are so manynail polish colors available that choosing only one can be a difficult task. Still, there are some things that can help you narrow down the pool of choices, and knowing which colors work best with your skin tone is one of them. 

At ella+mila, we understand that it’s important to have options, which is why we offer our customers a variety of choices regardless of what shade they think will suit them best. But that’s not all. On our website, you can find anything you need to create the perfect manicure - starting fromnail tools, tonail care andnail stickers if you’re in a mood for a more fun and creative manicure. What’s more, all ofour polishes are 17-free

So, take a look at the nail polishes we offer and find the best match for your tan skin!