Best Nail Colors for a Blue Dress

February 06, 2024 5 min read

Best Nail Colors for a Blue Dress

So you just bought a new blue dress and are wondering what nail polish colors will work best for it? You’re in the right place then! Matching the perfect nail polish color is an important step in any outfit preparation because it can not only make you feel more confident, but it can also, believe it or not, elevate the whole look. 

However, not many people have the time to research which colors suit blue dresses the most, which is why we prepared a little “cheat sheet,” if you will. Here, you will find a few different options for nails for blue dresses. 

What we can tell you right away, however, is that a lot will depend on what shade of blue your dress is - whether it’s a navy blue, royal blue, or light blue dress will make a difference on which nail polish shades will complement it the most. 

So, find your blue dress shade on our list, and learn more about our favorite nail polish with blue dress pairings. 

Shades to Try with a Navy Blue Dress 

First on our list is navy blue. Frequently associated with elegance, navy blue is a classic color that will work well for both formal and casual settings - and thanks to its dark hue, it’s almost as versatile as black, meaning that there are plenty of shades that will work really well for it. Some of those include: 

Nudes and Neutrals 

You really cannot go wrong with a nude nail polish - they’re a classic for a reason. With a neutral nail polish, be it pale pink, beige or other hue from the neutral palette, you can let the dress shine and take center stage, creating a balanced look. 

Our recommendations: Some of our favorite nude shades includeNude Attitude andA La Nude, while for neutrals, we recommend checking outCup O'Latte,Pour the Bubbly andStonehearted

Metallic and Glitter Shades 

Metallic nail polish is another great option for when you want to complement your navy blue dress. Opt for a classic gold or silver, or go for a more toned-down and harmonious look with a navy blue glitter nail polish. The glitter and metallic particles in the nail polish will catch and reflect light, resulting in a dazzling effect that will make others question where you get the nail polish from. 

Our recommendations:When it comes to metallic and glitter shades, we love the classicGolden Fairy and our silver favoriteMirror Mirror. However, we also recommend taking a look atChampagne Pop, which is a gorgeous rose gold, or, if you’re a fan of glitter, ourGlitter Collection.  

Bold Nail Polish Colors 

You can also decide to go in the opposite direction, and instead of trying to blend the nails in to let the dress shine, you can go for bold colors, creating a rather noticeable contrast between the dress and your nails while still complementing it. Shades that will work great for this include ruby red, eggplant purple, or emerald green. 

Our recommendations:Emerald Memories,Bite Me andNaught Not Nice are must-haves on our list of bold nail polish colors. 

Shades to Consider with a Royal Blue Dress 

Another popular shade choice when it comes to blue dresses is royal blue. A vibrant hue, it is often thought of as a color representing power, royalty and authority - after all, there’s a reason why it is used in many uniforms around the world. If that’s the color of your dress, here are some of our favorite nails for royal blue dress. 


Just like with navy blue, neutrals and nudes will be a great choice for a royal blue dress, allowing it to be the center of attention. Soft pink, dusty pink, blush-toned, and champagne-colored manicures are just a few great options. 

Our recommendations:If you’re someone who wears neutral and nude nail polish quite often, you will appreciate ourNeutral Skittle set. If, however, we only had to pick one, we would definitely go withForever Mine, which is a pinky nude.  

Blue Shades

If you don’t want your nails to stand out that much but would rather stay clear of neutral tones, then you should definitely consider opting for other shades of blue. Navy blue, sapphire blue and turquise will greatly complement your outfit. 

Our recommendations:Blindfold Me,Once in a Blue Luna and Under The Sea are some of our favorite blue nail polishes. 


To add an aura of sophistication and chicness to your outfit, gray manicure should be your go-to choice. Grays add classiness to the whole look without overpowering it. 

Our recommendations:Among some of our favorite gray shades, you can findSway With Me, which is a lighter gray andOn The Runway, which is more of a dark gray. 

Shades to Try with a Light Blue Dress 

Light blue is often associated with feelings of tranquility and trustworthiness, often evoking the feeling of peace. Depending on what kind of look you’re going for - subtle and romantic or vibrant and playful, choosing the right nail polish color can further enhance how your look is perceived. So, when wearing a light blue dress, consider these shades. 


Delicate pastels can be a great way of creating a contrast between the color of the dress and your nails without doing too much. Lavender, mint green, baby pink or buttercream are all choices worth considering. 

Our recommendations: If you like greens, thenPistache, a stunning pastel green will steal your heart.Eye Candy, which is a very light pastel purple orSo In Love - a stunning soft pastel pink - on the other hand, will be a great choice for those who like pinkish and purple-ish tones. 

White Hues 

If you want to enhance your dress and make it seem even more vibrant, then white or shades close to white, such as ivory, will work very well, giving your look a clean and sophisticated aura. 

Our recommendations: I Need a Tan,Pure Love andGlass Slippers will be a perfect choice for anyone looking for white nail polish. 

Subtle Blues 

Choosing a shade of blue that is close to your dress but not the exact same can give your look a feeling of cohesion and make it even more visually appealing. You can also choose more vibrant blue, such as aquamarine or turquoise, to add a pop of color while still not straying away from the overall color palette of the outfit. 

Our recommendations:Aside from Under The Sea which we already mentioned, we also recommend checking outGlitter Me Green. As for the light blue tones, we recommendMy Rain‐Beau,Life’s a Beach andMy Baby Blue

The Bottom Line 

As you can see, when it comes to choosing the right nail polish color for your blue dress, one of the things that will affect it is the shade of blue your dress is. Navy blue will look great with a bold or glittery color on your nails, while royal blue dresses will be greatly complemented by gray manicures. For a light blue dress, on the other hand, pastels or white nails would bring an aura of sophistication and cleanness. 

Still, egardless of which nail color for blue dress you decide to paint your nails with, there’s one thing that doesn’t change - and that is using high-quality nail polish. At ella+mila, we offer17-free nail polishes in plenty of colors. What this means is that they don’t contain any harmful chemicals. 

So, what are you waiting for? Take a look atour nail polish selection and choose the perfect nails for blue dress today!