Finding Your Perfect Summer Color Palette

March 01, 2024 7 min read

Finding Your Perfect Summer Color Palette

Hey gorgeous, ready for summer but not sure which makeup shades will make you sizzle like a beach goddess? No sweat; we’re here to help. 

Whether you have a cool summer complexion or a light summer glow, finding hues that make your features pop can give you a fresh new vibe. Read on to discover stunning shades that will make this your most radiant summer yet. 

Cool Summer Color Palette 

The cool summer palette is characterized by soft, cool undertones that compliment fair to medium skin with pink, red, or ruddy undertones. 

The best colors for these skin tones tend to be on the softer, more muted side. Pure white and stark black are too harsh and overwhelm cool summer complexions. Instead, the palette includes light to medium blues, mauves, plums, grayish lavenders, and pinks. Soft rose brown and mossy green work well too.

Cool Summer Lipstick Shades

If you have a cool summer skin tone, you'll want to stick to lip colors that complement your natural coloring. Warm, bright shades like oranges and browns can look jarring next to a cool complexion, so aim for hues that are more muted and soft.

Some of the most flattering lipstick shades for cool summer complexions include:

  • Mauves- Go for light, dusty mauves that add a subtle wash of color without being too dramatic. Look for shades with a pink or lilac undertone. 
  • Rose pinks - Rose is the perfect way to add color while keeping things soft and feminine. Try pale, petal pinks or antique rose shades with blue undertones. 
  • Pinky nudes - Nudes can be tricky for cool skin, so go for ones with a subtle hint of pink or mauve rather than warm brown tones.
  • Soft corals- Dusty corals and pinky corals give a pop of color while staying muted enough for cool complexions. 
  • Lavenders- Pale, muted lavender is surprisingly wearable for cool summer complexions. It's softer than a true purple. 

Cool Summer Nail Polish Colors 

When it comes to nail polish for cool summer skin tones, it's all about soft, delicate pastels that complement your fair, rosy complexion. Stick with light, airy shades like mint, lilac, pale pink, and sky blue. These will make your skin glow without contrasting too starkly.

Stay away from bright neons and super bold colors, which can overwhelm cool undertones. Pastels have a misty, ethereal vibe that works perfectly for summer. A sheer application makes the shade seem watercolored and just barely there.

Go for two thin coats so the pastel shades really sing. Don't forget your top coat to lock in the mani. With light, delicate pastels on your nails, you'll be summer ready in no time.

Cool Summer Eyeshadow Colors

When it comes to eyeshadow, cool summer complexions with blue or green eyes will look fabulous wearing shades that make these hues stand out. Stark whites can be too harsh and wash you out, so stick to soft, shimmery tones in the copper, bronze, lavender, and sage families.

Some gorgeous eyeshadow colors to try:

  • Coppery bronzes- Look for metallic, champagne and rose gold shimmers to make blue eyes dazzle. 
  • Soft lavenders - Light, airy lavenders with a pearl finish look beautiful on fair, cool-toned skin. 
  • Seafoam greens - Subtle, shimmery greens in seafoam and mint shades make green and blue eyes shine. 
  • Plums- Go for a hazy, smoky effect with plummy purples with golden shimmer. Plum and purple shades compliment dark eye colors extremely well!

Light Summer Color Palette 

The light summer palette is characterized by soft, muted, light cool tones that compliment fair skin with pink or rose undertones. This palette flatters those with lighter hair and eye colors. The colors are breezy and ethereal, yet still crisp and refreshing.

So rather than bold, bright colors that can overwhelm a cool complexion, the light summer palette embraces delicate pastels and frosted shades. Blush pinks, minty greens, sky blues, and subdued lavenders give you a gently pretty look. Silvers, taupes and muted grays add sophisticated neutrals to balance the softer hues.

Lipstick Shades  

For a harmonious addition to your makeup collection, seek out lipsticks in soft coral hues and mauve pinks that softly embrace the essence of a gentle summer. 

Peachy nudes offer a natural, understated elegance, while sheer plums provide a delicate touch of sophistication.

Rosewood shades are the perfect choice for those seeking a deeper, yet still muted, option, perfectly balancing the line between noticeable and understated.

Nail Polish Colors  

When selecting nail polish, gravitate towards serene and subtle shades that echo the tranquility of a soft summer's day.

Pale pink and lavender shades whisper of early morning blooms, while seafoam and periwinkle blue mimic the serene hues of a tranquil sea and sky.

Silvered jade and sand beige bring a touch of earthy calmness, perfect for a refined, yet understated elegance that complements any look.

Eyeshadow Shades 

Eyeshadow selections shimmer with the possibilities of a soft summer palette, where shimmering champagnes and faded denim blue evoke a gentle nostalgia. 

Frosty sages and dusky grays offer a cool, sophisticated canvas for exploration, while silvery taupes and frosted plums add a touch of whimsical glamour. 

Each shade is chosen to enhance and complement each other, ensuring a look that's both timeless and enchanting.

Soft Summer Color Palette

The soft summer color palette is one of the seasonal color palettes that works best for people with cool, muted skin undertones. 

This palette features soft, light, cool colors that complement those with fair skin, lighter hair, and eyes. It encapsulates the essence of summer's twilight with its understated elegance, blending cool hues with soft, grey undertones.

The palette includes serene colors such as soft lavender, muted rose, delicate sky blue, and subtle sea green, all harmonizing to create a soothing and sophisticated look.

These colors steer clear of harsh or bright shades, opting instead for tranquil tones that exude tranquility and refined grace. Particularly flattering for individuals with a soft summer color profile, this palette enhances natural beauty without overwhelming it.

Lipstick Shades

When it comes to choosing the most flattering lipstick shades, soft summers should stick to light, muted tones that compliment their natural coloring. Stay away from bold, bright lipsticks and instead opt for neutral pinks, peaches, and mauves that will make your lips pop while still looking natural. 

Aim for lipsticks with a satin or cream finish rather than high shine glosses or frosty mattes. The soft muted quality of satin lipsticks is perfect for soft summers. 

Look for shades like dusty rose, pale peach, light ginger, and soft muted pinks. Avoid anything too pale or concealer-lip looking. The right lip color will liven up your face and make your skin glow.  

To find your perfect lipstick match, try lipsticks in a few different muted tones and intensities. Compare how they look on your lips in natural light. The right shade for you will melt into your skin and make you look refreshed and healthy, not washed out. 

When in doubt, go for a "my lips but better" neutral peach or pink. With the soft summer palette, your lipstick should be an enhancement, not the main focus.

Nail Polish Colors 

Nail polish colors can really make or break a soft summer look. Since soft summer complexions have muted, delicate undertones, you'll want to stick to muted nail polish shades that compliment your skin.  

Some of the best nail polish colors for soft summers include:

  • Light pinks - From blush pink to ballet slipper pink, light pink nail polish is universally flattering on soft summer complexions. Pink perfectly complements the soft, rosy undertones. An off-white or pale pink French manicure is also gorgeous.
  • Mauves- From dusty mauve to lilac mauve, any muted purple-y pink flatters a soft summer. Mauve polish has just enough color without being overpowering. 
  • Sheer neutrals - Barely-there nudes and neutrals allow your natural skin tone to show through. Go for an almost-transparent sheer beige or pinky nude.
  • Silvery taupe - In lieu of stark gray or black polish, try an understated taupe gray with silver shimmer. This adds polish to your look without stark contrast.
  • Pale grays - Light gray polish with a lavender or blue undertone works beautifully to accent soft summer skin. Stay away from harsh blacks and dark grays.
  • Seafoam green - Surprisingly, muted, cool-toned greens like seafoam complement soft summer skin. The green has just enough color without being overwhelming.

Eyeshadow Colors

When it comes to eyeshadow, soft summer complexions look beautiful in light, muted shades that enhance the natural colors of your eyes and skin. Avoid anything too bright, sparkly, or bold. 

Some top eyeshadow color choices include soft grays, pale pinks, subtle taupes, lavenders, mauves, champagnes, ivories, and creams. 

Tips for Finding Your Summer Palette 

Determining if you are a cool, light, or soft summer can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you find your best summer palette:

  • Examine your natural hair, eye, and skin color: Those with cool undertones tend to have ash blonde, dark brown, or black hair and blue or gray eyes. Light summers have light blue, green, or gray eyes and blonde or sandy hair, while soft summers have blue or gray eyes and ash brown or golden brown hair.  
  • Drape yourself in different summer fabrics:Grab a few swatches of summer colors like icy pinks and blues (cool), misty rose and mauve (soft), and pale peach and periwinkle (light). Hold the drapes up to your face and see which is most flattering. The one that makes your skin glow is likely your seasonal palette.
  • Try the jewelry test:Silver jewelry tends to look best on cool summers, while gold flatters light and soft summers. Pay attention to which metal makes your eyes pop.
  • Look at your veins: Those with cool undertones tend to have veins that appear blue or purple. Greenish veins point to warm undertones in light or soft summers. 
  • Ask for help: Having a friend or color analysis consultant hold drapes up to your face can provide an objective outside eye. They may spot your best shades that you overlook.
  • Test makeup and nail polish:Apply seasonal lipsticks, blushes, and eye shadows on yourself. Seeing swatches of color on your actual skin is hugely helpful in determining your palette. You can also paint color swatches on your nails.

Trust your instincts and go with what makes you feel most vibrant. The right summer colors will enhance your natural beauty. Don't be afraid to experiment until you find colors that make you glow.

Wrapping Up

Finding your most harmonious summer palette can seem tricky at first. But don't get discouraged, focus on draping a variety of swatches in different lighting and noting which hues make your complexion glow and your eyes dazzle. The colors that are most flattering will steer you towards your best summer palette.

Remember, use the palette as a guide, not a rulebook. Feel free to mix in some adjacent shades from other palettes too. Most importantly, embrace the colors that make you look and feel your summery best.