How One Simple Beauty Trick Could Save Your Nails

March 10, 2021 5 min read

Before and After

If your nails are looking more beat up than beautiful, don’t freak out because we know exactly what you need. And good news: just a few minutes a week is all it takes to nail (sorry, not sorry) strong, healthy nails once and for all.

We don’t know about you, but the stress from this past year has played havoc with our bodies. Not being able to visit the hair salon for months on end? Torture. Sleepless nights worrying about our health, families and lack of ability to successfully WFH? Check. And don’t even get us started on the size of our constantly-growing waistlines (too many pinots, yeah, we get it).

One other major body part that seems to have taken a real hit is our poor nails. Call it lousy time management or just downright laziness, but they’re not a patch on what they used to be. And while sporting cruddy nails for evenings on the couch with just Fido and Netflix for company has been almost acceptable, now that life’s getting back to a new kind of normal it’s so not cool.

Sounds familiar? Then it’s time to up your mani game and get your nails ready to face the world again. Word is we’re going to be experimenting in more nail art than ever this year (*immediately follows ten new nailfluencers on social media), so there’s no better time than now to return your nails to their former, pre-pandemic glory.

So, what’s the best way to take your nails from awful to awesome? Well, minimize their exposure to water for one – which is always a great excuse to get somebody else to do the dishes. And more importantly, tend to them regularly with a nail strengthening treatment. Yes, it really is that simple. And good news: we can help. There’s not a chance we’re going to come around to do your dishes, but we can offer you not one, but three top rated strengthening treatments to help you crush stronger, healthier nails. So, come on people, it’s time to pick your poison…


First Aid Kiss

Frist Aid Kiss

What It Does: First Aid Kiss is one of our best-selling strengthening treatments and a real fan favorite. How so? Because it’s jam packed with vitamin E which is like liquid gold for your nails. Vitamin E protects your nails against free radical damage, hydrates your cuticles and strengthens your nail beds. Yes, it really is that good.

Ideal For: Weak, thin, splitting or yellow-stained nails.

Why We Love It: Vitamin E is also believed to help brighten your nails and fade that annoying yellow tint which can be caused by dark nail colors. Result. But remember, if your nails are excessively yellow, this may be caused by something other than surface staining, so if you’re ever in doubt, see a doctor.

Over To You: Hundreds of five-star reviews prove that First Aid Kiss offers a big win for fabulous nails.

“My nails are FINALLY long, strong and healthy!” explains one reviewer, Beth. “I’ve never finished a bottle of nail polish in my life and I’m already ordering my third bottle… I love this stuff.”


Damage Control

Damage Control

What It Does: Damage Control harnesses the powers of horsetail plant, a healing herb that’s rich in nutrients and packed with silica to promote better nail growth. The high mineral content of horsetail has also been said to help reduce white spots in your nails as an extra bonus.

Ideal For: Weak, brittle nails or those that simply won’t grow.

Why We Love It: For one thing, Damage Control offers results – and fast. We’ve found that applying it every three days for just two weeks makes our nails way stronger and healthier-looking. This makes it ideal for anyone hoping for great nails at full tilt, which, in all honesty, is so us. Patience? Not our strong point.

Over To You: Although Damage Control is relatively new to the Ella + Mila family, it’s already gained a cult following.

“For the first time in my adult life, my nails are healthy and strong,” reckons Aaron. “I have never used a nail product in my life that’s given me such wonderful results.”


Firm Foundation

Firm Foundation

What It Does: Strengthening your nails is just the tip of the iceberg for Firm Foundation. This little beauty also hardens your nails and provides the perfect foundation (c’mon, the clue was in the name) for your nail polish. And as you all know, a great base coat is the true hero in any long-lasting mani.

Ideal For: Soft, weak nails.

Why We Love It: Correct us if we’re wrong, but who doesn’t love a beauty product that works hard for its money? Well, this 2-in-1 strengthener and base coat does exactly that. More importantly, it works. We almost named it ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ but it was a bit of a mouthful.

Over To You: Clearly you folks love a multi-purpose product just as much as we do.

“This stuff is magic in a bottle,” says Cari. “Not only are my nails stronger but they look and feel soooo healthy!”


3 Extra Tricks For Strong, Healthy Nails

Looking after your nails with a five-star treatment is just the first step to getting them back to their best. And we don’t like to leave you hanging, so here are a few extra tips for good measure. You’re welcome.

1. Keep Your Nails Short
Long nails are way more likely to bend, snap or break so keep them on the shorter side to help them stay strong and hard.

2. Load Up On Hydration
This includes drinking plenty of fluids and slathering your hands with moisturizer. All that hand washing and sanitizing is quite the enemy, leading to dry cuticles and brittle, weak nails, so apply hand cream regularly throughout the day and rub oil into your cuticles every night before bed. BTW, our Oil Me Up cuticle oil in Almond or Lavender will take care of this real well.

3. Avoid Unnecessary Chemicals In Your Nail Products
There are so many harsh chemicals in regular nail products, it’s unreal. Ingredients like camphor, formaldehyde, toluene and xylene are a dime a dozen, but can cause all manner of nasty side-effects including dryness and irritation. Be kinder to your nails by sticking with Ella + Mila polishes which are free of 17 unnecessary toxic or potentially harmful ingredients. Also, avoid acetone in your nail polish remover as this will further dry out your skin and damage your nails. Dang.