Nail Your Fall Look – 10 Trendy Nail Polish Colors for This Season

November 07, 2023 6 min read

Nail Your Fall Look – 10 Trendy Nail Polish Colors for This Season

As autumn leaves keep falling down like pieces into place, we look around for the best fall inspirations to decorate our surroundings, master the perfect homemade pumpkin latte, and light even more candles than a year before. 

Festive spirit can be felt all around, and it’s only natural that we embrace it in our fall manicures as well. 

When it’s time to say ‘goodbye’ to long, hot days by the pool and say ‘hello’ to wind blows, cardigans, and pumpkin carving, let’s uncover the most stylish, classic fall nail colors!

Classic Fall Hues

Before we jump right into what’s trendy and talked about in fall nail polish colors this year, it’s worth taking a moment to truly appreciate all the classic autumn shades we have known and loved for years now. 

What are the best fall nail colors that we can find in this category? 

Rich Burgundy – The Timeless Choice

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to start anywhere else than with burgundy! The color of wine, passion, and long evenings in the company of a terrific book says more about fall than we ever could. 

A Burgundy manicure is a classic choice, full of elegance and gravitas, that can work really well if you have a big event coming up and want to present yourself from your very best, sophisticated side. You might be interested in our Wicked Red, which is a true manifestation of these qualities. 

Deep Plum – A Royal Touch

We stay in the realm of reds and purples, so we can bring the plum magic onto our nails. Fall has deep associations with harvest time, abundance of fruit, and other riches. Deep plump also represents royalty, offering a unique blend of darker, saturated purples and browns that we love to see on nails this time of the year! A perfect example of what we’re talking about here is ella+mila’s In Line for Wine.

purple nails

Olive – Nature-Inspired Elegance

Shades of olive, mint, and green are known favorites, dominating home decor trends for years now. In particular, olive draws our attention and steals our hearts, so we couldn’t omit it in our Best Fall Nail Colors guide.

This green shade speaks about luxury and harmony. Slow living, filled with moments of contemplation, yoga, and existing in one with nature, are all closed in one small bottle of Paradise Isle, which offers you that fall, slick, high-end look you might have been looking for. 

Warm Chocolate Brown – Cozy and Chic

You know it’s already autumn when all you want to do is to get warm and cozy, all wrapped up in your soft blanket. You might even think of the delightful sounds of crackling fire and the warmth of a fireplace. When we feel like this inside, no wonder warm browns are what we steer towards in our manicure art.

Our shade Of the Earth remains one of the more popular fall nail colors, and it’s not surprising to us. All shades of cinnamon, terracotta, and chocolate are synonyms with the time of the year when leaves are falling and we want to stay cozy.    

Trendy Fall Shades

While classic nail polish colors are classic for a reason, offering us comfort and reliability, sometimes it’s good to break with routine and look for fresh fall trends in our nail art projects. If you’re here for the best fall nail colors and designs of this season, we’ve got you covered!

Terracotta Orange – A Pop of Warmth

Orange or terracotta were not always the go-to of various nail trends, but those times are long forgotten. Especially if you’re looking for a color that’s really in style, confident, yet toned – that is your sign to give terracotta a chance!

Right in the middle of a fall color palette, nail polishes like Sunset Escape or Spread the Love will be the perfect match for all autumn and Halloween-related activities. 

Royal Blues – Moody and Eclectic 

On the other end of the fall spectrum, we have a color that might be a surprise to some, especially those who associate fall with the boldness and warmth of browns, reds, and purples. Heavy, intriguing, noble dark blue is not exactly on the top of the list of colors we think of when we plan our autumn frenzy. Still, somehow it became one of the most trendy colors this fall season. 

And no wonder it did! Colors like Blindfold Me and Mediterranean Mist speak about confidence, and not one that’s fake, but well-founded and electric. While dark blue is not a very controversial or alienating choice, it might be a terrific pick if you want to stay on trend but avoid boredom.

Light Blue and Pale Hues – For Foggy Mornings

Change of weather can be sudden, but that doesn’t mean we have to forget about everything that we’ve been embracing for the last months. The arrival of autumn doesn’t mean you must resign from light hues, off-whites, and pearly blues.

Quite the contrary! The misty, light blues are still very fashionable, and we can see them in all sorts of fall nail designs. In our collection, you can find some show-stoppers, too, with My Rain‐Beau and My Baby Blue being people’s favorites. 

Hot Pink – Fun, Fearless, Energetic

This year, maybe like never before, the world embraced pink. This energetic, fearless color hides a lot more beneath the surface, than one would suspect. And in the season when we brace for the winter while celebrating all the good that summer brought us, choosing a hot pink as your manicure color can bring out all those good emotions and enthusiasm to the front, making the transition between summer and winter that much easier (and more fabulous). 

Look no further than our Pretty Princess if passion, courage, and love are values you want to nurture this fall season. 

Shimmer and Shine

Best fall nail colors and designs are the ones that match your personality. And what if your soul is glimmering in October sunlight from all the sparkles you so adore? Then, you have no choice but to look for fall inspirations that include some shimmer. And we have no problem recommending you the best ones! 

Metallic Copper – A Touch of Glamour

A true embodiment of effortless style can be found in every stylization that includes copper. It’s modern, it’s polished, it’s captivating. You can bring all of this energy to your manicure with metallic copper nail polish that will elevate your autumn looks and draw the attention of people around you! 

Those who always want to stay on top of the game and shine in the candlelight this Halloween should steer their attention towards Rose-Ay All Day. This is a choice for all of you who know what they want, which is not to dominate, but subtly shimmer with your magnetic energy. 

Bronze Glitter – Sparkling Sophistication

Who doesn’t dream of including some glitter in their autumn-themed manicure? This is where the imagination and creative spirit can run free! And bronzey gold glitter is how you want to go about it. This color can compliment so many other ones, giving you an opportunity to create miniature pieces of art on your nails. 

If you need more convincing, check out our Glow With Me – feeling the fall in the air yet? 

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Tips for Choosing the Right Shade

Right, so you know now all the trendiest fall nail polish colors you could sport on your nails – but how do you choose the right one? The following tips should make that clear for you.

Complementing Your Skin Tone

One of the ways to go about it is by selecting the colors that go well with your skin undertones. This solution has plenty of benefits, one of the most important ones being the fact that it makes it easier to create a cohesive, harmonious look. 

If you want to learn more about this topic, check out our Nail Shades That Flatter Pale Skin Tones guide. 

Nail Length Considerations

You can also take a different approach and match your color with your nail length and shape. Generally speaking, lighter colors make your nails look more extended and elegant. So, if you want to visually lengthen your nails, that is a good tip to keep in mind. 

If you care about creating a more striking effect, go for dark, heavy tones. Mix and match them with glitter and shine to make your manicure even more remarkable and festive.


And that is a wrap on our Best Fall Nail Colors and Designs guide. From warm, vibrant oranges, through cozy, inviting warm chocolates, ending on moody and bold dark blues, we covered many extraordinary colors that dominate the trends this autumn season.

Enthusiasts of delicate, subtle light hues, toned and balanced olives, as well as glitter and shimmery bronzes, can find here something for themselves. After all, fall is as versatile as all of those who love to celebrate it. 

If you’re interested in more helpful manicure guides, don’t hesitate to check out our Blog. And as always, we encourage you to find your favorite nail polish colors in our collection of amazing, durable, safe nail polishes. We have created our formulas with love and care to offer you something special whenever you open one of our bottles. 

Happy fall endeavors!