Go vegan

April 20, 2016 1 min read

Go vegan

The beauty industry has long since jumped on the Vegan Trend and now provides us with more and more nail polishes that are based on organic ingredients and best of all prejudices contradictory shines and holds the vegan paint like crazy. Our favorite, see the gallery.

Glamour Magazine Germany

The coatings of Ella+Mila are "5 free" - ie without phthalates , toluene , formaldehyde , camphor and rosin - and hold still wonderful. Our pastel favorites from the range : "Lilac Luster", "My Baby Blue" and "Do not Be Blue", according to 10 Euro

Vegan nail polish - what does that really mean?Vegans reject animal products . For this purpose it is also one renounce cosmetics that are made with animal testing or animal ingredients such as manufactured as from fish scales Guanine . The nail polish should be compatible for humans, animals and the environment.

Via: www.glamour.de