Ella & Mila: Let's Samba Summer

July 21, 2016 1 min read

Ella & Mila: Let's Samba Summer

Confession-when it comes to nail polish I am a neutral, blush tone, & nude -clear even kinda girl. Chipped colored nail polish gives me anxiety-ha ha-but I do from time to time like to pack a punch & go with a bold nail color-Summertime is the ideal time for me to do so.

Have you heard of the nail polish {Cali based, American made} brand,Ella + Mila? They are a super sweet nail polish confectioner that creates nail polish with love.

Truly, their polish is vegan & animal cruelty-free. They pride themselves on the 5-Free ingredients:

  • Formaldehyde 
  • Toluene
  • DiButyl Phthalate {DBP}
  • Formaldehyde  Resin
  • Camphor
Aside from their eco-friendly ingredients-I really love their packaging-simple but pretty with a tiny elephant as their logo. 
So, how does the polish work & wear/tear--great actually. Ella + Mila sent me two colors from their new Samba Collection:
  1. Pinktini
  2. Limeade
The colors are vibrant, apply smoothly with little need for a second coat, & lasts for a good duration of time--I do apply a top coat to help with chipping from an other brand like L'oreal  Paris {Ella + Mila do have their over top coatversions as well}, but I am happy to report that the color lasts.