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I recently got a shipment from Ella + Mila Nail Polish, I share which colors & products that I chose and my experience with their products.

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Hey Everyone, it’s time for a break from food recipes and show you something totally different. A few months ago, I saw a Facebook ad for Ella + Mila nail polish, for some reason, it caught my eye and I looked at their website to learn more. I like nail polish but I hate all the chemicals associated with nail polish and Ella + Mila is free of 7 harmful chemicals that are normally in typical nail polish, as stated in an excerpt from their site:

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I bought a base coat,  and “Barely Pink” to try the brand out. I actually brought it to a nail salon and had them give me a manicure and pedicure with the Ella + Mila nail polish.  It lasted a long time, probably just as long as regular nail polish, maybe a bit longer. I do a lot of dishes from food blogging and I was impressed how it held up. It has a finish/gloss, similar to gel (at least certain colors). Anyways, the positive experience with the nail polish stuck with me and I decided to connect with them.

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I selected the following products from their collections (the following colors and products were sent to me for free but my opinions are 100% my own):

  • On the Runway (grey)
  • Soy Nail Polish Remover – 16 ounce. ← love this!
  • Gilded (gold)
  • My Baby Blue (baby blue) – I am wearing this in the picture below
  • Copabikini (bright yellow)
  • In a Rush (top coat)
  • Mediterranean Mist (navy blue)
  • Pinkterest (pink)
  • Isla View
  • Fresh Powder (white)


In general and especially when I am pregnant, I am adverse to exposing myself to chemicals. With my last pregnancy, I did not paint my nails during my pregnancy at all. I love that there’s a quality product out there that I can use and it feels no different than regular nail polish. It’s nice to look down at my nails, when I am feeling tired and pregnant and they look so pretty and cheerful – sometimes, you just need that, am I right?

Ella + Mila also has a great selection of on trend colors which is important because I like choice. It’s been fun trying different colors and then using my own hands in my food photography.

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Have you tried Ella + Mila nail polish? What’s your favorite color?

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