Liquid Lipsticks - Lip moisturizer

Unfortunately, no matter how good a lip product is, its full potential might not be unleashed if your lips are in a bad condition - in fact, depending on the ingredients used in it, it might irritate them and make their condition worse. However, that’s where lip moisturizer comes in. 

Say goodbye to days of chapped, flaky pouts, and say hello to the world of happy and properly hydrated lips with our collection of lip moisturizers. 

There could be several reasons why your lips’ condition leaves a lot to be desired - harsh weather, sun exposure, dehydration, or even constantly licking your lips. And while eliminating the cause is important, it is not always possible - especially in cases where the dryness comes from the weather. 

That’s why you need to stock up on hydrating lip products - and thankfully, ella+mila is your one-stop shop for all lip products. 

Choose Your Lip Moisturizer 

At ella+mila, we understand the struggle of keeping your lips looking their best - that’s why we have a dedicated collection of lip moisturizers! Whether you want a clear lip moisturizer without any color and just the right amount of shimmer or a natural-looking one that still gives your lips a bit of color while blending in, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are the options you might enjoy: 

ella+mila - Your Pick for Healthy Lip Products 

When looking for a healthy yet effective product for dry lips, you couldn’t have landed better than at ella+mila. We take the formula of our products very seriously, which is why they don’t contain paraben, phthalates, lanolin, and gluten while also being plant-based, vegan, and animal cruelty-free. Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

Take a look at our selection of lip moisturizer products and find the right one for yourself today!