Nail strengthening

One of the greatest pains in this world is when you see your nails grow and think, “I might be able to finally get them to the length I want,” just for them to go and break on the most inconvenient occasion. And while there’s not much we can do when that has already happened, we have a solution that can at least partially minimize the chances of it happening again - it’s called a nail strengthener polish. 

Part of our nail care collection, nail strengthening polishes can be lifesavers for those with brittle nails, as confirmed by dozens of our satisfied customers. 

How exactly does it work? By applying nail strengtheners to your nails, you are providing them with additional nutrients that promote their healthy growth. You also add a layer of protection, making them less prone to damage. 

How to Keep Your Nails in the Best Shape 

Using a nail strengthener can help tremendously, but if you want to keep your nails in pristine condition, then you have to do some work to ensure you’re always taking top-notch care of them. Here are some things you should do: 

  • Always protect your nails with a base coat. If you like nail polishes, whether we’re talking about pink nail polishes, white polishes, or black nail polishes, adding a base coat (like our All About the Base base coat) layer before the colorful polish is a must. Not only can it give your nail polish better coverage with less product, but it also creates a barrier between your nail and the polish. 

  • Make sure you use a good product. Poor-quality nail polishes can bring you more harm than good, as they may contain harmful chemicals that can be dangerous to your health. That’s why buying from sources you know are good is crucial. 

  • Give your nails room to breathe. While we all love having a flawless manicure, you can still achieve it without adding nail polish to your nails. Your nails need to breathe, too, so taking a break between sets (even occasionally) can do them some good. 

  • Moisturize. Just like your face and body need a moisturizer to keep them in the best condition, so do your nails. You can use hand cream or a moisturizing cream for that, but you can also opt for more natural remedies, like avocado and almond oil, applied to both cuticles and nail plates. 

Make Your Nails Stronger with ella+mila

Nail care should be a crucial part of your self-care routine, and if you have fragile nails, using a nail strengthener is a major part of that. Take a look at our selection of currently available ella+mila nail strengthener treatments and pick the one to assist you in the journey to stronger nails today.