Nail Strengthening Treatments

Hey girl. Ever get so frustrated with your nails that you snap them off? We've got the solution for you.

Real results that’ll make your jaw drop.

We've put together some Q&A's about our top 3 nail strengthening treatments: {first aid kiss}, {damage control} and {firm foundation}:

Q: What are these treatments supposed to do
A: Our nail strengthening treatments are proven to strengthen weak nails!
    - Strengthen brittle nails
    - Make them less prone to breakage

Q: Can I use {first aid kiss} {damage control} and {firm foundation} all together?
A: No, wouldn’t really change the result. Start with one.

Q: Can I use these as a base coat?
A: You can BUT the only treatment that has a true adhesive ingredient is {firm foundation}. This treatment will help your mani to last longer.

Q: What’s the real difference?
A: Million $ question! 🤣 All 3 are formulated differently but all have the same result. These treatments are made to strengthen, improve and heal your damaged nails. Whether it’s splitting, breaking, thinning or peeling.... these treatments will help you. The best analogy is, which is better (Tylenol, Motrin or Advil)? They are all pain relievers BUT formulated differently, depends which one agrees with your body chemistry.

Q: Can I start with 1 treatment and in a week change to a new one?
A: No! Each treatment has its own direction. You must follow it carefully to see results. Just like any “medicine,” to see the best results you must finish it.

Q: Can I continue the treatment after the 4 weeks?
A: Absolutely! No harm in continuing.

Q: Should I take any vitamins with this?
A: If you’d like, sure. We aren’t medical professionals so we can’t say if you are deficient in any areas BUT this might be something that you want to talk to your medical professional about. Sometimes, if you have weak nails and etc it may be from a deeper issue.

Q: Can I use {no more biting} with these treatments?
A: Yes! Use the treatment on bare nails and use the {no more biting} on top. This should be the last thing applied.

Q: Can I wear polish with these treatments?
A: Yes