Mini Buffer


Who said you can only get buff at the gym?

Product details:Use this tool on top of the nail bed to buff and prep for your manicure. You will see each side numbered. Please ensure you follow the steps according to each side. 

Buff and prime your nails in preparation for your manicure. Smooths out the nail bed and allows for easier and nicer polish application. Use this product to provide your nails with a natural shine, even when you do not want to apply any polish at all.

How to use: Follow steps 1 through 4 as indicated on the block. Each side of the buffer is labeled and numbered for easy use. 

Step 1. Shape -Place on edges of nail and gently stroke in an angle. File until you reach desired shape.

Step 2. Smooth -Apply gentle strokes along nail to achieve smooth nails. This can help minimize ridges and stains.

Step 3. Buff - Use on the nail bed by placing it flat and gently stroking across the nail. This will provide the buff your nail beds need before the shine.

Step 4. Shine - Use along the nail beds with slight pressure to provide the final, natural shine you've been desiring. 

    • 1.375" x 1.00" x 0.50"

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