Translucent Nail Polish

When it comes to naturally-looking but at the same time elegant nail looks, a translucent manicure is an option that should at least be considered. Instead of covering your whole nail plate like a solid color nail polish would, translucent nail polishes enhance your natural nails by letting them peek through the polish, creating a soft yet sophisticated look. 

Explore the Wide Selection of Translucent Nail Polish 

Are you set on a translucent nail polish but aren’t sure which one to pick? We’ve got a few options for you to choose from, but here are some of our favorites - while the final choice is up to you, it might at least give you an idea of which direction you want to go in.

For a translucent nail polish that will look good on any skin tone, we recommend the Bold nail polish. It’s a sheer polish with a purple tint - looking as gorgeous in combination with pale skin as it does with tanned and dark ones, it’s one of those shades that suits everyone. 

If you’re someone who likes bolder looks but would still like it to be translucent, then the Drippin’ Gold nail polish or the On Thin Ice polish might be the right choice - the first one is a delicate gold glitter, while the latter is similar but in silver. Both can be used either on their own or with other nail polishes to add a bit of sparkle to them. If you think about it, you get unlimited manicure options with just one nail polish - doesn’t it sound great? 

And for those who like their manicures to be more out there, we would suggest Aurora Lights nail polish - it’s a sheer holographic coral, the perfect blend between translucent and color. 

These are just a few of the available translucent nail polish options - take a look at our collection and find the right shade for yourself today. 

Choose ella+mila, Choose Quality Products 

At ella+mila, we take providing quality products very seriously, which is why we worked hard on perfecting a formula that is not only long-lasting but also safe for you and the environment. Because of this, all of our nail polishes, whether we’re talking about white nail polish, glitter nail polish, or others, are 17-free, vegan, and free of animal cruelty practices. 

Browse through our selection of translucent nail polish and find the right one to grace your nails today.